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Monday 18 January, 9.30am session     More details
DateMonday, January 18, 2021, starting 9.15am for 9.30am
DetailsDirector Nanette Hinsch; Entries: Julie Jeffries
 Masks are compulsory - NO MASK - NO PLAY
 Maximum number of entries is 24.
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at
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 Monday 18 January, 9.30am session (21 entries logged)

Beginner Lessons     More details
DateSaturday, January 23, 2021 (6 Saturdays)
DetailsRefer to Home Page or Lessons Page of this website for further information
 Rescheduled from 9 January due to Lockdown and Mask Requirement

Monday New Year Pairs - Red Points (Wk 2)     More details
DateMonday, January 25, 2021
DetailsRescheduled from Monday 11 January (subject to Covid restrictions easing on Friday 22 January, 1am)